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Failure to be compensated properly after an accident at work does not have to be tolerated or ignored.

Injured on the Job?

You deserve to be respected. You need to know that professional decisions and processes which impact you are correct, balanced, and just.

If your employer has one or more employees working for them in Colorado, they must have workers’ compensation insurance and maintain it at all times. This applies to all employers, regardless of whether the employees are part-time, full-time, or family members.

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Employee Rights and Benefits

There are boundaries, there are ethics, there are rules. There are definitely things that are wrong that should be made right.

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance cannot be passed on to employees. Their failure to carry insurance or compensate you to the fullest extent does not have to be tolerated or ignored.

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Taking Advantage

You are entitled to equality in your compensation and benefits after being injured on the job. You are entitled to support in all that is proper and fair.

You are protected by laws that exist to shield you and to keep you safe from those who would either ignorantly or intentionally fail to provide full worker’s compensation. All injured employees have the right to the following:

  • Wage replacement benefits
  • Medical treatment
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Other benefits

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