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Are you dealing with discrimination and harassment? Are you experiencing difficulty getting the accommodations you need?

unEqual pay scales

Concerned that you’re receiving equal pay for your contribution? Are you getting all the wages you are owed?

Sexual harassment

Have you experienced sexual harassment in the workplace or at school?

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Being treated unfairly at work, school, or in housing due to your gender, race, age, or other reason does not have to be tolerated or ignored.

Employment Law

You deserve to be respected and treated with dignity.

You are owed every dollar you earn. Whether it is hourly wages, overtime, commissions, bonuses or salary, commitments made by employers are required to paid as promised and as mandated by law. You are ensured of just practices by all employers, regardless of size or type.

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Education Law

Schools should be free from discrimination and harassment.

You have rights under state and federal law to protections and to accommodations to make school a safe and comfortable space.

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Civil Rights and Justice

There are boundaries, there are ethics, there are rules. There are definitely things that are wrong that should be made right.

There are essential rights that you, even if you are not a citizen, that you deserve and should expect. These rights are yours under the constitution and cannot easily be waived. When any of these are violated, compromised or diminished, you have the means to address that wrong and engage someone to help you make it right.

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Discrimination and Harassment

You are entitled to equality in your professional expectations, compensation, advancement, and decision-making. You are entitled to support in all that is proper and fair.

No one has to tolerate discriminatory hiring, advancement or retention practices. No one has to endure unwanted sexual advances or comments, or other unfair labor practices. You are entitled to reasonable accommodations and not to be discriminated against on the basis of a disability. You are protected by laws that exist to shield you and to keep you safe from those who would either ignorantly or intentionally act or speak inappropriately.

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“I would highly recommend Riley Law for your legal issues without hesitation. I was laid off during the Covid 19 shutdown and she was able to help be negotiate additional severance, which was a big win for me. She was good at communicating with me during the entire process and made me feel that my case was very important to her as well. Thank you, Kelli and team!”

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Kelli Riley has devoted her career to forging best practices in employment law. Ms. Riley earned her law degree, cum laude, at University of St. Thomas School of Law, where she served as Membership Editor for the school’s flagship law review. She received her undergraduate degree in both History and Spanish & Portuguese Language and Culture at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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